Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.

Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. 2 Corinthians 3:17, ESV

It’s July 4th, 2015 and I am finally sitting down to write my first official blog post for the “Lici Joy Project.” Maybe after many more cups of coffee I’ll attempt to sit here and explain exactly what the “Lici Joy Project” is and why I made that the title of my blog. Alas, I have only had two bowls of coffee and deep thinking is alluding me today, so until I explain the “Lici Joy Project” you’ll just have to use your imagination, eh.

Today, our nation is celebrating its independence. Each year we celebrate the freedom that was hard won through battle. It is a day of great celebration, of remembering those who have fought and died for us, of eating things that seem patriotic (I’m thinking trays of fruit made to look like the American flag…which sound really yummy right now), a day of fireworks, and a day of being proud of the country we call home.

It occurs to me that as I celebrate being a proud member of the United States, the freedom I should celebrate every day is an even harder fought for and won freedom.

And with that, welcome to my cozy corner where I drink coffee and have a conversation with the unseen blog readers….whoever and wherever you are. Go get a cup of coffee and join me.

You might ask, “What freedom is it that you speak of? What freedom is harder fought and won than our nation’s independence?”

And I might respond…..after two bowls of coffee….

I speak of the freedom of my soul that was hard fought for and won by my Savior, Jesus Christ.

I don’t know about you, but my life has not been easy. It has been plagued with loneliness, depression, trauma, heartbreak, bitterness, an unforgiving spirit, disability, addiction of sorts, and even suicidal ideation.

For the longest time I lived in my own self-imposed prison. It was a prison made up of bars of “I was’s”.

I was the victim. I was the one who had a right to be angry. I was the one who did not need to forgive because those who hurt me didn’t seek forgiveness. I was the one who was badly created. I was the one who was suffering. I was the one who could see no point in living this miserable existence they call my life.


I found that there was freedom.

There was freedom in knowing that God made me a conqueror.

There was freedom in seeking peace.

There was freedom in forgiving….even when those who needed to be forgiven had not sought forgiveness.

There was freedom in knowing that God created me just the way I am for His divine purpose.

There was freedom in knowing that Christ, who being in very nature God . . . “did not consider equality with God as something to be grasped, but instead emptied Himself, by taking the form of a servant, being born in the likeness of men. And being found in human form, He humbled Himself by becoming obedient to the point of death, even death on a cross!” (Philippians 2:6-8).

Then you could ask, “How does knowing Christ died on a cross give you freedom?”

I could then answer, …..

I know I am not  enough, nor will I ever be enough. I know that I am guilty of all sorts of things. I know that on my own, there is nothing good in or about me. I know that on my own I do not have to strength to forgive. I know that without the peace that comes only from having the Spirit of God alive and active in me I am a frantic-anxious-overburdened-addicted-to-the-things-of-this-world-angry-bitter-depressed-suicidal-sinful-disaster-not-worthy-of-love.

Yep, without the knowledge that Christ died for me; went to hell to bear the burden of my sins; that He took my punishment; that He chose to do this of His own free will; that He conquered the grave; that He rose again; that He sent the Holy Spirit to live in me; that the Holy Spirit has made me His temple; that I am chosen by Him; that I am completely forgiven; that I am free from the eternal consequences of my poor decisions; that I am a child of God; that I am holy and dearly loved; that God has a plan and purpose for my life; that I am a citizen of heaven; that I am FREE because of His sacrifice!….without that knowledge I might as well be dead. (Lots and lots of Scripture references…..)

I am FREE because He set me FREE.

I am FREE because He sent His Spirit to live in me.

I am FREE! (Romans 8:2)


So today, as I celebrate being a citizen of a free country, I also celebrate the freedom that comes from being a citizen of the greatest family that ever was or will be….I am a citizen of His family!

Be encouraged, for there is freedom to be found in Christ!

Lici Joy, The Coffee-Guzzling-Truth-Telling-Joy-Finding-Polka-Dot-Fanatic

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I'm a work in progress--much like this blog. So expect this "about me" to change as I do ;-) I'm an energetic person by nature living in a body that lacks energy. I'm a person of movement struggling with a body that fails to move in the ways I want it to. I'm a person who loves to be social who lives a fairly secluded life, quite reluctantly, on this couch. Living with chronic, incurable, and rare medical conditions can be discouraging and lonely. When we share our stories and listen to the stories of others, we gain valuable insights that can bring encouragement on the darkest days, ideas for new treatment options, and primarily, feel a little less alone in our struggles. My life isn't following my Plan A, my Plan B, my Plan C, or probably even my Plan X. But it's my life and I'm trying to live it the best I can while struggling with Chronic Intractable Migraine, Familial Hemiplegic Migraine, the effects of two posterior fossa decompression surgeries for my Chiari Malformation, Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, PTSD, (likely) EDS, (undiagnosed) Chronic Fatigue, widespread pain, and some other yet unknown issue that has left a "pocket" in the artery that runs by my pituitary gland. It's lonely, discouraging, difficult, and the only way I get through it is with a good sense of humor, the practice of living thankfully, the ability to connect with other people, and the fur-babies who keep me getting out of bed one day at a time. Of great encouragement of course, is my loving, understanding, and patient husband. I'm the girl who loves to write and yet fails to do so for long periods of time. I intend to update this blog at least once a week, but with this failing body who knows if I'll be able to stick with it. And yes, I am a woman of deep faith, so if you stick with me here you may occasionally come across some of my thoughts on Scriptural topics, so feel free to skip those if you choose. My faith has helped to form my character and is part of who I am, but it's not the only thing in my life that people can relate to and find encouragement from. Just sayin'.

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